Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shinko Likes To Play

Dear Mom-

My travels to Baltimore were uneventful. I had a great time checking out all the different post offices on my way there. I had a great time waiting in Baltimore for Liam and his family to come get me. Their mailbox is tiny, but I just grabbed myself some bubble wrap and took a nice nap.

The wait was well worth it, because I just loved hearing how happy Liam was to have me visit for a week. He's an only child and I just loved every part of being his baby brother this week. He taught be all about his love for playing and for being outside. We played endless games of hide-and-seek (I've really gotten good at counting.), how to climb a tree, and I had a ton of fun with chalk. I had myself traced and even drew a flag with my tail!

I've had a really great time so far in Baltimore. I can't wait to tell you more about it soon. If you want to check out more about my host mom, Alissa, you can find her at CleverCompass.com, on Twitterand Facebook