Do you think you're ready to host a sock monkey - for a whole week?  There are a few rules or expectations... please read on before sending me an email to with "Send Me a Sock Monkey" in the subject line to request your sock monkey adventure.

  • Give the sock monkey lots of love, snuggles, kisses
  • Take care of his/her basic needs - food, clothing, a warm bed, brush teeth, etc...
  • Take the monkey with you on your everyday activities and on any special outings.
  • Take plenty of pictures!
  • Send at least 2-3 write-ups during the week about an adventure you and the monkey had together that can be inserted onto this blog page for all to enjoy!
  • DON'T forget to send along the photos with your write-ups!
  • When your week has ended, you must say farewell  :(  to the monkey and send him on to his next adventure with another host family (please send via USPS First Class in a bubble envelope and purchase the Delivery Confirmation so we can track his whereabouts if necessary).
  • After your week has ended, please write one more "reflective" article about how it was to host the monkey for a week and what you liked most about it.  email to
  • Again, DON'T forget the pictures!
  • Most importantly, you are expected to HAVE FUN!


  1. If Shinko ever wants to come to Australia, I'd be happy to look after him!

    1. I do intend to start an international monkey if I get enough interest, so I will mark you as interested and will get in touch if/when I do start one! Thanks for the interest :0)

  2. I'm from Romania and I would LOVE to be part of this. I bookmarked your website! ;)