Friday, August 31, 2012

Halloween Already?

Shinko came yesterday! And he came exactly when I got my
Halloween photo shoot ready for my boys. I wanted to try out
something cool and new...and Shinko was able to help :-)
He makes a great Pirate Monkey. He had a lot of fun watching
the kids all dressed up and having fun with the smoke from
the Smoke machine!

We have a lot to show him this week! And we are exited to
have him here. For those who want to see all the Pictures
from the Photo shoot here is a Link:

Shinko is currently being hosted by Sabine Betschart of Your Photo World LTD.
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Dear Mom,

 Remember the boat I told you about?  Here's a picture of me and my friends Cullen and Addison's mom.  Her name is Jamie.  She held me tight to make sure I wouldn't fall off the boat.

We went to the aquarium and I got to sit in a crocodile's mouth!  He wasn't alive, but he was still pretty scary.

I got to see some real ones too.  This one was white and had weird colored eyes!

We saw lots of other fun animals at the aquarium too, but it was pretty dark in there.  There was so much water!  We got to pet sharks too.

 My favorite part of vacation was breakfast.  We had yummy stuff like pancakes and waffles every morning.  I got my own plate, but had to be careful to keep my tail out of the syrup.

I'm sad to be leaving Addison and Cullen, but I'm very excited to meet new friends.

I miss you and love you,

Shinko was recently hosted by Jamie and family.  You can read more about Shinko's visit at Jamie's blog, Mama Mommy Mom.  You can also find Jamie and Mama Mommy Mom on Facebook.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Hanging" with Cullen and Family

Dear Mom,
I was very tired yesterday, but got to take a nap with my new friend Cullen in his car. We were in the car for a long time.  It's a long way to the beach.  Cullen gave me lots of hugs and kisses and I really liked snuggling with him.  His sister Addison is nice, but I like Cullen best.

We got to ride on a really big boat today.  It was so big that we could drive our car on it!  A lot of other people did too.  I got to see some really cool birds, and we even fed them pretzels.  See them flying over my head?  They scared me a little at first because they were getting so close, but Cullen's mom said it was ok and that they wouldn't touch me.

I'm having so much fun, but I miss you too.  I'll write again soon...


Shinko was recently hosted by Jamie and family.  You can read more about Shinko's visit at Jamie's blog, Mama Mommy Mom.  You can also find Jamie and Mama Mommy Mom on Facebook.