Friday, April 13, 2012

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,
We were on our way to the post office this morning so that I could be on my way to my next adventure when I got a really bad pain in my leg, Jenni took one look at me and knew right away I would need stitches. They didn't hurt much, and I was very brave. They asked if I needed a band-aid, but I said no, I wanted them to know I was tough.

Talk soon,
Love Shinko

Oh no, Shinko! 
I have decided, in the interest of product improvement, to bring Shinko home before his next adventure. He will come home for reconstruction and will head back on out to his next adventure in the days to come.
 (he will be an all-new, new and improved Shinko!)

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  1. Hello from the UBP! OK I've heard of Flat Stanleys but never traveling sock monkeys! How cute is that!? I will talk to my boys and see if they would be interested in having a monkey for a week. :) Happy UBP!