Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I'm enjoying my last morning here in Ohio. I have had a wonderful time.

Saturday, Neacel had his first soccer game, and they won. Then we all went and got some hot cocoa. I didn't love it to be honest. Saturday the weather was yucky so we relaxed at the house, but relaxing always has to come with something sweet, so we made some Triple Chocolate Muffins. A perfect game of hide and go seek to go with the muffins. I kept hiding in the toy box, I blended in perfectly and no one could ever find me. I am really good at hide and go seek.

My week was so much fun. Tons of playing and site seeing. Plenty of sweets thanks to a pregnant moms cravings, and I made some pretty great friends.  Looking forward to my next adventure in Illinois! 

Missing you!

Shinko is now leaving his host family in Ohio right now. You can learn more about the host family and learn more about "raising boys, staying sane, finding deals, freebies, giveaways and more" at the host Mom, Mandy's, blog Raising Little Dudes.

If you would like to host Shinko in your home for a week, please be sure to read all the details on his blog pages here (tabs above) then email to get the process started. is a blog of As You Wish Creations, a Mom-owned small business specializing in creating lovable sock monkeys like Shinko.
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