Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shinko in Illinois

 Shinko is awesome! We are loving his visit with us. 

Matylin and Kaylin wouldn't stop fighting over him at first, so we decided they would each get a day with him, and flip flop through the week.
He had a great time at the library!!! Helped Matylin pick out some really great books. I couldn't pull either one of them away from a fascinating book about the Wright brothers.  When I said it was time to go, Shinko and Matylin disappeared, but I found them tucked away in the reading cubby.

Reading about the Wright Brothers
FOUND in the reading cubby!

Unfortunately Kaylin has been having some pain in her lower back, so we had to go to the doctor. Shinko LOVED all the cool tools in the room, he couldn't stop playing with them!  When the doctor started to come in he froze by the blood pressure cuff. He said later that he was hoping the doctor wouldn't notice him.

Giving his love and support...

Hiding from the doctor.

We made a trip to hospital as well for some lab work. I asked him to stay home and keep an eye on Simon (our big fat cat), but he was so worried for Kaylin that he managed to sneak into her bag. He is a pretty tricky monkey.  So he kept the girls giggling while we waited for our turn.

We've got lots of work to do in the studio this week and Shinko is being very helpful. He has quite an eye for color! 

We're super excited for Sunday to get here because Matylin and Kaylin's Aunt Dawn is running in her first marathon, and we're all going to cheer her on!

I'll write again soon! Shinko told Kaylin he misses you very much!!!

Shinko is being hosted in Illinois right now, with his third host family.  Check out the host Mom's lovely shop for some unique gifts for all ages at DreamNColor and follow DreamNColor on Facebook.

If you would like to host Shinko in your home for a week, please be sure to read all the details on his blog pages here (tabs above) then email to get the process started. is a blog of As You Wish Creations, a Mom-owned small business specializing in creating lovable sock monkeys like Shinko.

On Facebook: As You Wish Creations

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