Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Love Ohio!

Dear Mom,
Hi from Ohio!
Mom this place is pretty cool! I got to go on a train ride.  It was longer than expected, but we got to see the conductor and everything. He was really nice. We have gone to the park, played with toys, rode bikes (well not me personally but Neacel held on to me), and they are planning a fun picnic with the other animals in Neacel's room.

Tomorrow we are going into Akron to see Neacel's friend Hugh. I heard he has drums that I can play, and a sandbox full of rice. How neat is that? Tonight I got to go watch Neacel practice soccer.  He has his first game on Saturday and I'm so excited to go.

Neacel's little brother Brody is pretty nice too. He doesn't talk, but I get a ton of hugs from him. He does scream at Neacel though when Neacel tries to get me back.   :0)

I miss you, but I want you to know I'm having a blast here.

Miss you tons
xoxo, Shinko

PS. I hope you like the picture. I was able to act like a train conductor for a few minutes. I will send you some more pictures and another letter soon...  Oh, and you can read more details about my train ride at my host Mom's blog, Raising Little Dudes.
Shinko is being hosted in Ohio right now, with his second host family. You can learn more about the host family and learn more about "raising boys, staying sane, finding deals, freebies, giveaways and more" at the host Mom, Mandy's, blog Raising Little Dudes.

If you would like to host Shinko in your home for a week, please be sure to read all the details on his blog pages here (tabs above) then email to get the process started. is a blog of As You Wish Creations, a Mom-owned small business specializing in creating lovable sock monkeys like Shinko.
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