Sunday, June 10, 2012

Good Times in Baltimore

Dear Mom,

What a weekend!

Friday night in Baltimore was crazy – at least eight tornadoes in the area! – but don’t worry, none close to where I was.  We decided to stay home and watch movies.  I got to be in charge of the popcorn.  The dogs go crazy for it so I “accidentally” dropped some on the floor.

Saturday morning was beautiful so everyone decided to go kayaking on Chesapeake Bay.  Here’s a picture of me getting a safety lesson before we went on the water.  I had a great time waving at all the other boaters and even managed to stay dry!

Saturday night we went to Frederick, Maryland.  I played with my new friend, Colton (thanks to Liam for all of his hide-and-seek tips!), and then we left the boys home so we could have a girl’s night out.  Adelyn offered to share her food with me because her mom brought…..bananas!  I like popcorn a lot better than baby food but it was a nice gesture.

I was so wiped out from all the fun on Saturday that I spent Sunday lounging on the deck.  Don’t worry, I used SPF50 sunscreen!

See you soon,

Shinko is being hosted in Maryland right now.

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