Friday, June 15, 2012

Southern Maryland!

Dear Mom,

I made it here to Southern Maryland. I got a few boo boos on the way here. Nothing a coupleband aids and kisses couldn't fix though. This house is full of boys, its so exciting. I didn't get to relax long after getting here before we were in the car and on our way to a graduation party. I got to ride with Oliver in the car. It was a little bumpy so he made sure to hold onto me tight so I didn't fall. The party was a blast. I got to enjoy some red velvet cake for desert.

The next day we got to go feed some ducks. I rode on Logen's shoulders just to be careful. Their Mom didn't want the ducks to mistake me for a piece of bread. It was fun, I even got to see some fish that came up to eat the bread that was floating in the water.

I get to sleep at night in a bunk bed. Its really high from the ground. The boys Mom told me I had to be careful and not monkey around so that I didn't fall out of the bed. I am having a great time. 

Miss you,

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