Monday, June 4, 2012

Shinko In Baltimore

Dear Mom- Me again.

 As I've said, I'm having a great time here in Baltimore. There is lots to do and see with my new buddy Liam outside the house. But, we've also had a ton of fun inside.

His family is in the process of painting the entire inside of their house and they let me help which was a lot of fun. I was really careful to make sure that I didn't get any on me.

 I also got the chance to go with Liam to school. We were all smiles and giggles and we had a great time on the way. I also got to ride in his carseat on the way back to pick him up, it was so comfy and I loved being able to surprise him.

We have had such an amazing week together and I'm sad to go. Liam and his mamma knows the next host mamma and they say she's really awesome. She has two dogs and I can't wait to have a great time with her too. I can't wait to meet my next host mom.

I can't wait to meet my next host mom. If you want to check out more about Liam's mom, Alissa, you can find her at, on Twitter and Facebook.

Love- Shinko

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