Monday, June 4, 2012

Magic in Baltimore

Dear Mom,

You must have worked some awesome magic in Baltimore!  I went from staying with Liam and his family to staying with their friend and her two “monkeys”, Seamus and Finnegan.  I didn’t even have to travel in an envelope to get there J

Finnegan works really hard to be good and his first picture with me was a little blurry because he wanted to say hi.  He’s still a puppy.  Seamus showed him how to pose so we finally got this great shot of the three of us.  After the photo shoot, the boys took me to their favorite park and taught me how to go down the slide like they do.  I even got to meet some of their other friends.  Since I was new, they did a lot of sniffing but it seems I passed their test.  One even brought me a stick to play with (I have to say, I don’t really understand why dogs are so fascinated with sticks but I was polite and threw it for her).

Can’t wait to see what else these guys have planned for me!


Shinko is being hosted in Maryland right now.  

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